Captain Snorter - The Greatest Pig To Sail The Seven Seas.

Captain Snorter is my first children's book.

It is currently available on Amazon Kindle, and will  be available in print in the very near future.

If you have any Captain Snorter related queries, then please visit the contact page and click the link.

Captain Snorter and his daughter, Floss, set out on an exciting adventure to navigate the seven seas and discover the lost treasure of Piggy Bay, to bring  wealth and riches to their piggy realm.

But unbeknown to them, as they set sail in their ship, The Jolly Trotter, the captain and his crew, the are being followed by the evil Pirate Poker, who also has his eye on the prize.

Can Captain Snorter find the treasure first or will Pirate Porker beat him to it and steal it from under his very nose?

 them on a fun filled, action packed adventure to find out.
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